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Construction site visit - Eleonorenhof, Hannover-Linden

An edge of the block is being closed - 62 flats are being built on the site of the former Volksbank branch between Minister-Stüve-Straße and Gartenallee in the Linden-Mitte district. 1-5 room units between 39 and 225 sqm, some as maisonettes, are being built according to a high energy efficiency standard (KfW-40). We are pleased about the ongoing construction progress in the shell, which already gives an idea of the final cubature of the entire ensemble.


Christus church of Hanover - Finalization of room acoustic elements

The completion of the room acoustic elements was celebrated with a solemn service in the Christus Church of Hanover. The installations are part of the third construction phase to complete the entire internal design of the church. There is an impressive ceiling sail figure floating under the church vault (planned by room acoustician Vladimir Szynajowski), as well as wooden fractal walls behind the altar, which act as a separation between the church and the backstage area. The elements are of particular importance for the sound in the church, which serves as a hostel for the International Choir Center and the Hanover Girls Choir. An improvement in the sound was already confirmed by musicians after the first choir events.

Those present at the celebration were able to enjoy guest sermons from the President of the German Choir Association, Christian Wulff (retired President of the Federal Republic of Germany ) and the Chairman of the Board of the International Children's and Youth Choir Center Christuskirche Hannover e.V., Hans-Martin Heinemann (retired city superintendent).

Pictures: Hans-Peter Braun

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Update building site housing project "Neues Wohnen in Garbsen Mitte"

256 dwellings are, separated on 4 buildings, under construction in Garbsen, near Hannover. On our last visit of the building site we had the opportinuty to convince ourselves of the nearly completed first building and to get one more completely positive impression.