Ada-and-Theodor-Lessing Adult Education Center, Hanover/text


Location: Hanover
Competition: 1. Prize 2011
Client: City of Hanover
Construction Period: 2013–2015
Work Phases: 1–9
Gross Floor Area: 9.900 m²

Ada-and-Theodor-Lessing Adult Education Center, Hanover

The new school ensemble of the Adult Education Center in Hanover consists of four elements. The three existing building components of the former School for the Hearing Impaired were closed by a new building attached to the existing volume, thus forming a cube. It then results in a roofed patio that can be used as a meeting space for gatherings or events. The patio presents the lively heart of the ensemble.

The main entrance is located at the south façade opening up to the historic old town. The forecourt is equipped with benches and trees providing shade, offering a relaxed atmosphere with urban flair.

The attached building volume inhabits a clear form language and gently fits into the existing construction. The entire school was restructured spatially and updated to the current energetic standard.

In general, the new Education Center offers 5,500 square meters usable space, 26 class rooms, and a lecture hall with roughly 280 square meters. An exercise room, a teaching kitchen as well as a café complete the program of the school. The café does not only serve students, but is also open to the public.

The Education Center opened this new building in 2015 after construction works of two years. It offers classes for everyone interested in further education. With its four locations in Hanover the Center offers courses in various languages, IT, political education, culture, and many more. For over 50 years, it is part of the city and a key institution when it comes to public training facilities.