Urban reconstruction – NINO area/text


Location: Nordhorn
Competition: 2. Prize 2002
Client: Stadt Nordhorn

Urban reconstruction – NINO area

The foundation for developing the NINO area is specified by structural requirements: the canal presents the spine of the area; the rectangular, strict structure of the planned construction site follows the historic use. Close to the city and with very good infrastructure the area is a very attractive building site. The canal as well as the historically greened seclusion provides an exclusive address.

Our design follows the urban requirements. The western side of the canal that is developed as a promenade emphasizes the importance and experience of this place off the motorized traffic. The property borders recognize the different requirements: in the western part, the private and public spaces can interlink, the route of the former access road east of the canal is dominated by villas, in the east a row of terraced houses form the desired end of the square-like situation.

Within this area, 71% of the buildings are planned as one-floor single family houses with an extended top floor and two-floor houses that derive from the surrounding building structure. At the western side of the area, larger construction fields can be created due to a differentiated parceling. It should be possible to have a more freely design within the requirements, here.

The villas will correspond to the desire to have a representative independence. In the east, the development of garden houses is possible – usable as a workshop, atelier or children’s house. The intimacy of the entrance is guaranteed by the garages.

Play areas for children are located within the green areas in the west, north-east and the dip. For an overall image, different materials are recommended.

Planting one tree for each house should be determined, as well as only using domestic bushes and trees for the gardens. As material for the driveway brick pavement is recommended as well as wood for the terraces or concrete in combination with natural stone. The water from canal can be used as a reservoir for the private and public green areas as long as the supply from the canal “Almekanal” is guaranteed.

In combination with the canal, bridges define a specific architectural and connecting element. Their construction should be easy, the hand rails transparent. Therefore, the spine of the area is easily perceivable and overall present.