New construction in Hanover / Anna-Zammert-Strasse/text


Location: Hanover
Client: Aurelis Real Estate


New construction in Hanover / Anna-Zammert-Strasse

Within the interplay of the buildings on the construction site of the former freight depot, a square, four-storey volume formulates an entrance situation towards the property.

On approximately 8,200 square meters gross floor area the design foresees a mixed use building complex. A nursery with an outdoor area in front is planned within the western part of the ground floor. The further spaces are grouped around an inner courtyard so that the floors receive natural light and ventilation.

Two independent staircases present the required emergency escape way. The entire building is freely accessible.

The construction pattern on the façade allows for a flexible construction pattern of partition walls. The respective floors are divided into four units that can individually be rented and allow for a customized interior construction.

The building has a basement providing a parking space for 57 cars. In the eastern and southern property area, further car parking facilities are planned, structured by trees.

Realized with load-bearing exterior and interior walls and in solid construction the ceilings are conceived with reinforced concrete. The entire staircases take on the bracing of the building.

Corresponding to the noise protection survey, measures to protect from the traffic noise (especially rail traffic) are implemented into the concept. The exterior façades are designed with faced brickwork. Triple glazed windows are installed according to the required noise protection values. On the façades towards the inner courtyard, the amount of windows is raised, therefore, the opaque window surface is planned to be clad with light metal panels.