Building 3403 of Leibniz University Hanover/text


Location: Hanover
Client: County of Lower Saxony
Construction Period: 2010
Work Phases: 1–9
Facade Surface: 2.200 m²

Building 3403 of Leibniz University Hanover

The 6-storey building of the university has a flat roof and was built in 1964, yet the fire protection technology needed t be updated within the “stimulus package II” (Konjunkturpaket II) in 2010. The façade was renovated according to energetic standards as well.

Corresponding to the requirements of EnEV 2009 (German Energy Saving Reputations) a new insulation and thermally decoupled aluminum windows were installed. All floors were equipped with a heat recycling system and were finally coated. The windows at the southern side also received an external solar protection.

Inside, a glare protection was attached to the windows. The horizontal 105 meter long window hinge of the five upper floors are interrupted by irregular spacing. Aluminum frames embrace two to six windows thus structuring the façade.