Village of Dahlem, Berlin/text


Location: Berlin-Dahlem
Competition: 1. Prize 2005
Client: cds-Wohnbau/ NILEG Hanover

Village of Dahlem, Berlin

The quarter “Village of Dahlem” is situated in the south-west of Berlin and is surrounded by villas, green areas, settlement buildings, and the campus of the Technical University. Regarding the quality of the site and the living conditions, it offers an excellent location for further residential development. Located on the western side of the area, there are five town houses from the 1990s. This design proposal concerns the rest of the un-built land.

In the course of a design workshop we developed an entire concept with modern town houses. During the workshop we discussed different ideas and concepts agreeing on the result of urban villas as town houses. This is the ideal addition to the existing buildings and fits well into the surrounding.