Micro apartments in Hanover/text


Location: Hanover
Competition: 3. Prize 2015
Client: Gesellschaft für Bauen und Wohnen Hannover mbH (GBH)

Micro apartments in Hanover

We achieved the third place in the realization competition for our design of micro apartments in the quarter “Nordstadt“ in Hanover.

The building design offers students and trainees a cheap place to live and has additional commercial space in the ground floor.

Our design foresees six floors prominently marking the edge of the property. The western building side is dominated by micro apartments, two-room apartments will be located in the north in order to connect to the adjoining apartment buildings.

The apartments are oriented towards the street or the inner courtyard. Commercial spaces are located in the ground floor. Directed north, the single storey volume guides the view to the inner courtyard that is shaped by solitary buildings. The community space and bistro receive a special spatial formulation and therefore offer a high-quality atmosphere.

Protected by the new construction in the north-west, the children’s play area is framed by a wall and a public green area. A diverse playground with different flooring, surfaces and feel invite to play. Overall, a high-quality public open space makes room for social gatherings of the neighborhood from different generations and cultures.

The central entrance of the building gives way to the five upper floors. By giving young people the possibility of affordable housing, the requirements for central apartments and flexible, easy living is guaranteed.

The conceptual approach is also defined by the design: a façade without ornaments nevertheless shows a vital impression due to the play of light on the brick. Depending on the time of day and the weather, the façade appears differently. Accents are only given by evenly distributed window openings.

Altogether, the volume links the building to the surrounding finding its own identity at this site. It fulfills the requirements of convenient flexible living offering students and trainees the advantages of the location.