Lachendorf text EN

Auslober: Samtgemeinde Lachendorf
Standort: Lachendorf
Wettbewerb: 06 | 2021
Landschaftsarchitektur: nsp christoph schonhoff landschaftsarchitekten stadtplaner BDA

Town Hall Lachendorf

Forest and river
A cuckoo over the waves!
The journeyman in the woods is glad
That he was with mountain and forest
Got here by the river.
His greeting resounds
The new sound area.

Karl Mayer, 1840

According to the poem by Karl Mayer, the town hall rounds off the "sound area of ​​nature" in all directions - the river greets you, the pier leads to movement, the garden invites you to linger and the gesture of open arms welcomes every citizen.

The design for the new town hall of the Lachendorf municipality takes up the orientation of the surroundings for its setting as a sculpture and, with its storey structure, fits into the existing grain size.

The house reacts to the characteristics of the environment and presents itself with different faces. The gesture of reception is reinforced by an undercut - the opening to the laugh can be experienced with a generous terrace down to the water; a covered outdoor area in front of the event protects society - the balcony on the upper floor allows a distant view.

The three-dimensional formation of the facade interprets the motifs of existing half-timbered houses in a modern form. The green roof blends in with the natural environment.

The centerpiece of the town hall is the foyer, which creates “the aim of safeguarding and improving services of general interest” with spatial dynamics in the association.

In the “sound area of ​​nature”, an open space concept is created, which implies the respectful handling of the existing structure and the structures that have evolved over time. Polygonal as well as organic forms form a combination of the existing and the new and create significant addresses with their own identity. The sequence of open spaces enables both relaxed togetherness and an active experience of the area.

A homogeneous covering made of high-quality concrete stone forms a "carpet" that flows through the room as a matter of course, creating a sequence of high-quality places to stay. The flooring, which is easy to walk on and roll over, allows easy access to all connected areas. In the middle of the viewing area between Rehrkamp and Olen Drallen Hoff, a new green center is being created with communicative offers and quality of stay for all age groups.