Ilmenau Text EN

Auslober: Samtgemeinde Ilmenau
Standort: Deutsch Evern
Wettbewerb: 11 | 2020
Landschaftsarchitektur: nsp christoph schonhoff landschaftsarchitekten stadtplaner BDA

Ilmenau-School in Deutsch Evern                                                          

"Active learning house - space for community, movement, concentration"


Through the new Ilmenau primary school at the Am Moorfeld location, a future-proof place of learning is to be created in Deutsch Evern, where contemporary learning with different activities, games, relaxation and interaction is equally promoted.

An inner differentiation in two “worlds”, which are connected by the heart of the house - a spacious, free seating and platform staircase - ensures functional clarity and supports spatial orientation within the new building.

The expression of a clear, compact structure, which rests appropriately in the context, establishes the new school as a sustainable, public institution on site and holds potential for expansion.

In adaptation of the context, the new school building positions itself in the existing urban planning direction and rhythm as a continuation of the existing development in the northern area of ​​the property. The address of the house is also pronounced in this logic towards the north, where the existing topography takes on a leading role and brings pupils and visitors directly into the house with its dynamism.

The new Ilmenau School is developing as a two-storey, orthogonally-shaped structure that, as a compact volume, creates a minimum of sealed surface and enables a maximum of open space.

The cubature creates a clear edge to the finer grain of the directly adjacent building structure, which is characterized by the one to two-storey residential building architecture.

The scale of the new building supports the findability, identification and importance of the house without breaking the scale of the context.

On the ground floor, the new school building develops the character of a public forum, an agora, to which the (school) public-relevant uses of the event / cafeteria, all-day, works and administration areas are attached.

Traffic areas are transformed into flowing spaces of movement, whose free forms, in contrast to the clear articulation of the connected uses, release dynamism and energy and thus allow and promote individual development. Light and visual references are created with perspectives and views and the integration of an atrium and a generous skylight.

The main entrance on the north end of the house and secondary entrances and exits on the south and east facade connect the school with the outside areas.