The restaurant “Handwerk” in Hanover /text


Location: Altenbekener Damm 17, Hannover
Construction Period: 2016 - 2017
Work Phases: 2-9
Gross Floor Area: 289 m²

The restaurant “Handwerk” in Hanover

When 2017 started, the culinary scenery in the south of the city received a new member. On January, 12th 2017 the “Restaurant Handwerk” (engl: craftsmanship) opened its doors. Since that day, the team of the managers Tanja and Rüdiger Funke and chef Thomas Wohlfeld provide outstanding food. The concept is simple: down-to-earth products paired with exotic flavors. The ingredients come from the local market and result in a rich variety of menus. On 120 square meters, guests are invited to enjoy both the food and the atmosphere.

Not only is the food special but also the interior design. The kitchen is not locked off but opens up into the dining area letting the guests experience the preparation process. Deriving from the idea of the ingredients, the concept was translated into the design: Down-to-earth, but with a little extra is the overall philosophy.

The new floor-to-ceiling windows flood the room with light and create a great ambience. Light colors of different grey shades can be found on the chairs and the wallpaper. Oak furniture and a wooden floor support the comfortable atmosphere.

The rustic wooden tables set a clear contrast to the fine wallpaper and selected furniture. Grouped light balls and subtle pictures highlight the room. Special eye catchers are the restrooms – men find themselves in nature, women are welcomed by a golden space – the atmosphere is in every detail.

Completed by the terrace in front of the restaurant, the guests are invited to dine outside when the weather allows so. Within half a year of construction period, this extraordinary restaurant makes a new approach within the restaurant scene in Hanover – the rediscovery of local products, prepared on a high level with lots of talent and passion.

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