Primary school center in Boizenburg/Elbe text


Client: Stadt Boizenburg/Elbe
Location: Boizenburg/Elbe
Competition: 1. Prize 05 |2017
Landscape Architecture: nsp christoph schonhoff landschaftsarchitekten stadtplaner BDA

Primary school center in Boizenburg/Elbe

The existing school buildings are spatially framed by the newly planned construction, thus creating an urban ensemble. The entire complex is integrated into the public area defining new paths and squares. Developing a clear, architectural position in the context of the historic buildings, the design strategy is based upon a holistic concept with a respective identity. The new main entrance of the extension is consequently arranged at the eastern side of the school while the entrance to the sport’s area can be found at the south-western side of the gym. The after-school care center is directly located at the central square.

The clearly organized building typology is easily continued by the new extension: The present interior circulation system forms a U that is juxtaposed with the new annex that mirrors it. Both systems meet in the central staircases. Old and new are connected by various spatial experiences – exciting buildings, an open inner courtyard and the auditorium in the center are combined into an entity. A free-standing staircase makes the three-storey space fully perceivable in all dimensions. Orientation and clarity are communicated architectonically – a space for rest, for concentration, for dialogue and common experiences.

The handling of the historic structure is defined by respect: the constructive-static system is kept. The architectural revision of the new façade goes alongside with the design strategy inside: summarizing, synthesizing, continuing – the classically structured brick façade with casement windows takes on the existing material and passes it on with a modern impression.

The green space, planned by nsp christoph schonhoff landschaftsarchitekten stadtplaner BDA, is spatially structured into robust, sealed spaces and green areas. Thereby, differentiated rooms with different age-appropriate topics were created. Besides loud areas to play and run a green class room and a school garden define the space that can also be used for retreat. Seating grouped together and an open-air theater supports the offerings of the school exterior. Towards the schoolyard border, the vegetation densifies, edged by a green hedge. In the north-east of the property 24 parking spaces are situated for teachers and the “kiss-and-go” area. A carport for bikes and seating is planned next to the main entrance.