Wetland Visitor Information Center/text


Location: Resse, Lower Saxony
Client: Region Hanover
Construction Period: 2010–2011
Work Phases: 1–9
Gross Floor Area: 230 m²

A New Building for the Wetland Visitor Information Center

The Visitor Information Center in Wedemark-Resse, north of Hanover (Germany) raises awareness for the ecological value of the wetlands featuring a permanent exhibition and offering excursions into the surrounding wetlands. The building itself was officially opened in autumn 2011 and makes a great impression with its clarity and transparency.

The front and back sides of the barn-like volume are dominated by large glass façades merging the inside and outside space. A welcoming, light room forms the inside, making it suitable for exhibitions and lectures. The side façades are cladded with wooden struts in a dynamic rhythm. Storage rooms are situated on either side of the building. By positioning the volume on the former course of the road “Altes Dorf” (engl.: Old Village,) it is sensitively integrated into the original image of the place.