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Auslober: Landkreis Barnim
Standort: Bernau
Wettbewerb: 08 | 2020
Landschaftsarchitektur: nsp christoph schonhoff landschaftsarchitekten stadtplaner BDA

Grammar School „Oberschule am Rollberg“                    

"A school with a heart" - a patio as the pulsating, shared center of two schools

A new school location is to be created - a place of identification, development and communication of social issues.

Characterized by these three philosophical cornerstones, the new building "Am Rollberg" is positioned, developed and shaped as a coherent large form. The clear, legible cubage respects and exponentiates the existing north-south development in the area. Conceptually anchored is the pedagogical model "promote and challenge" in the organization of the two new schools around a common, multifunctional place, the central patio, where method and commitment ("head") are just as present as joy and interest ("heart") ).

The development of a significant building sculpture, which is appropriately located in the context, helps to establish the new school location as a socially relevant, public institution on site and to consolidate its supraregional importance - to develop potential for the future.

At the “Am Rollberg” school site, the primary and secondary school is being rebuilt in the northern part of the school property, with the address of the complex being pronounced along the northern property line. Here a semi-public forecourt mediates between the public urban and street space and the school premises - the existing access situation is modified and integrated.

The school site develops along two construction phases, each of which formulates a clear, structured building. The first-phase new building of the elementary school is articulated as a three-storey block, the orientation of which is based on the context and, thanks to its positioning, enables the area to be crossed in a north-south direction at any time. The site will be completed in a second construction phase by realizing the secondary school and multi-purpose rooms. The elementary school block will be developed into an almost square, all-round, three-storey large form.