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Auslober: Samtgemeinde Zeven
Standort: Zeven
Wettbewerb: 09 | 2021
Landschaftsarchitektur: nsp christoph schonhoff landschaftsarchitekten stadtplaner BDA

Culture centre Klostergang Zeven

"What you have inherited from your fathers, acquire it in order to own it."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

According to Goethe, the central idea for the new concept consists in the affirmative acceptance of what is found in its historical and aesthetic significance for the location: an ensemble of buildings of different quality from several layers of time in the historical center of Zeven is sharpened by further building in the spatial structure and in its group effect - a revitalized central place is created for new identification.

In the spirit of a cultural and creative center, the proposed intervention gives the place a clear orientation. Sensitively designed facades derived from the historical context establish an architectural language on the cloister corridor that expresses calm and clarity with the aim of creating binding rooms with a high quality of stay for the local cultural and educational offers - flooded with light and flexible in use.

A two-storey newly built block is positioned on the trail of the former Dutch wing; Offset parallel to the brick house of the former elementary school and orthogonally to the east-facing St. Viti Church, the two structures function as space-defining volumes and encompass the resulting space on the east side as the urban counterpart of the monastery museum.

School and Riegel formulate gable roofs with north-south oriented ridge lines. The positioning of the entrance portal to the square is striking, invitingly showing the main address of the new culture and education center and in dialogue with the new entrance to the event center.