Urban Green/text


Location: Hanover
Competition: 06 | 2017


Urban Green

The main elements for the articulation of the study „Urban Green“ derive from the traditional, heterogeneous, European city – this idea is maintained and pursued in this concept. The idea of living together is supported by the urban settlement in various ways: From public to private spaces, the different figurations are defined within the built and un-built environment thus presenting diverse atmospheres.

Different house typologies, created from the grammar of the block building pattern, evoke a modern and lively urban space, resulting in different sequences of rooms, corners and façades. The clear figuration leads to a generous place in the south where the nursery is situated. Lush green surrounding it, the general location is easily accessible for the community. The square forms the spatial point of reference at the north-south axis equipped with the variously usable commercial space within the ground floors.

A dissolving block pattern forms the urban structure for the development of the construction fields. Each building receives an attractive address at exciting urban spaces. This robust, clear structure not only supports the idea of the quarter as a community space, but also allows for the integration of other usages as small retailers, commercial businesses or as a meeting point for the community: ice cream parlor, café, brewery, workshops, further services up to medical care services are possible.

Developed from the urban and landscape context and in combination with the architectural structures a robust, open-space concept – open to further developments – offers exciting spaces. The concept aims at creating an urban quarter at this site guaranteeing a high-quality identity and atmosphere due to the architecture and the open-space design.

The spatial and constructional concept is clearly structured into public streets and squares, private yards, gardens and nature.