The vital quarter/text


Location: Hanover
Competition: 06  | 2017


The vital quarter

The architectural design brings to life the prescribed urban structure of the quarter “An der Seelhorst“. With the materiality, scale, structure, texture and profile of the surfaces the façades react to the urban context. A new urban space arises developing a respective identity in a dialogue within the qualities of the open space.

Based upon the geometry and the required room schedule, the building blocks have been developed with two circulation systems. Parallel to the façade, the staircases allow for an organization of up to five apartments on each floor. The classical staircase with an intermediate platform leads to the respective floor with two to four apartments each. An optimally created economic circulation system is the base for the relatively high amount of the rather small apartments.

The façade is structured by loggias that are arranged along the street in a prominent pattern. On the south façade balconies will be hung up to allow for a private open space. The street and gable side of the building receives a brick façade with mineral core insulation. This façade will be worked around the corners to create a recess in the backyard area, thus formulating a distinctive marking. Different brick colors define the appearance of the project.

A regular pattern structures the façade; the openings within this pattern are filled with windows and a recessing solid façade surface. Like that, it appears as a vivid and scaled building. The differently arranged railings of the balconies follow the structure of the pattern and emphasize the transition between the private living area and the public space.

At this location the project aims at creating a vital quarter allowing for a high quality of living, exterior design and identity. The clear concept structures itself into public streets and squares as well as private backyards, consequently transitioning into nature.