Mixed use complex in Bremervörde/text


Location: Bremervörde
Competition: 1. Prize 03 | 2017


Mixed use complex in Bremervörde

The new construction along the street “Kirchenstrasse” allows for a meaningful reorganization on the historic traces and within the city center: the town hall square receives a clear spatial setting in the north and an accompanying transition along the street Kirchenstrasse towards the square in front of the Liborius church. The building volume refers to and mediates between the squares and streets, between confinement and width, town hall and church – an urban setting as a lesson within the tension of the classical elements of urban architecture.

The building volume is developed from the typical historic house typologies in Bremervörde – gables and eaves. While the classic proportioned gable supports the spatial impression of the rhythm, the façade with its eaves emphasizes the settlement towards the street. The new construction features these characteristics structured by three gables towards the town hall square continued by the roof directed north towards the building corner.

Appearing simple at first, the basic volume is enhanced by the spatially formulated architectural elements: an arcade situated across the town hall is emphasizing the commercial use of the ground floor and transitioning to the public space of the town hall and church square.

The roof of the three-storey building with the eaves facing the street is structured into five sections forming five gables. The structure and proportion of the window and loggia openings follow the guidelines of the city’s style guide thus recognizing the use of the upper floors. The pitch of the roofs and consequently the typical appearance of the gables towards the town hall was realized slightly steeper – in contrast to the surrounding buildings. Self-confident, the new construction shapes the public space and creates a place with a high identity and independence.

For the façade, brick masonry is implemented supporting the interplay and combination of public and private space with a detailed structure of pillars, walls and eaves.