In the Shopping Street, Hanover/ Packhofstrasse/text


Location: Hanover
Competition: 2009

In the Shopping Street, Hanover/ Packhofstrasse

The building property in one of the shopping streets (Packhofstrasse) in Hanover is flanked by a new construction from a shoe store and a clothing company on the other side. Located at a prominent corner it forms an architectural accent. From the basement to the second floor, the building offers two units for commercial use. Floors three to five are planned to be used as offices offering two units on each floor. The client desired a timeless-elegant architecture for the overall impression of the building.

Thus we imagined a representative new construction that convinces with a high urban quality and transparency as well as a prominent accent.

The five-storey construction follows the property borders and uses the entire length and width of the site. Large-sized cuttings within the sculptured building mark the main entrance and different usages. The fine structure of the façade mediates between the different scales of the surrounding while the interior organization provides high flexibility and easy circulation. Views are offered into every direction taking up the reference of the surrounding.