Working near the city center/ Klagesmarkt/text


Location: Hanover
Competition: 2. round 2013
Client: Gesellschaft für Bauen und Wohnen Hannover mbH

Working near the city center/ Klagesmarkt

It was planned to create stronger links within the area around the district square near the center of Hanover. The development of this location is paramount for the qualification of the place, situated between the city center, green areas, the cemetery “St. Nikolai” and various residential quarters. By activating the area – currently used as a parking lot – two goals are reached simultaneously: On the one hand, the area receives an additional value and provides attractive, urban living; on the other hand, an unattractive space sustainably obtains special spatial qualities.

Our design for the office building presents the starting point of the new ensemble. It is an important element within the terrain between the city center and the northern city district (Nordstadt). Different building heights support this tension and define the space with five floors at the south-west building corner. Towards the south, the building raises up to seven floors receiving an architectural structure and sculptural composition. The volume occupies an expressive, confident posture radiating into the surrounding. As a dynamic composition of buildings it functions as a model for the developing quarter.

The prominent façade with colored brick on the lower side imparts an individual character and visually strengthens the volume in its position. A partly protected space is created by the overhanging upper floors thus broadening the sidewalk and creating a public square.

The foyer is accessible via the main entrance on the south-west side of the new construction. This generous space representatively opens up along two floors subsequently leading to the offices. Great importance was set to the flexibility of the office space allowing for an individual and customized design. The sixth floor provides a conference space; the roof of the fifth floor obtains a roof terrace offering a restful place for the employees.