Southern Railway Station Hanover/text


Location: Hanover
Competition: 2. Prize 2014
Client: Aurelis Real Estate

Southern Railway Station Hanover

Due to its location close to the city center and very good infrastructure as well as the green surrounding, the southern quarter (Südstadt) of the city Hanover is one of the most attractive residential areas with a high recreational factor.

The former railway area is situated in the eastern part of the quarter and is planned to be developed for office and residential use step by step. The gradual revaluation of the area is achieved by realizing rented and freehanded flats. Therefore, the northern corner of the area is redeveloped for this purpose. During a competition with eight participants, we won the second prize.

At the intersection of different city structures, the new construction is mediating between the areas and – in a modern way – reinterprets the surrounding that consists of residential and industrial buildings. With its four, five and seven floors the volume reacts to the surrounding building heights and – with its triangular shape – to the building site. The rounded edges serve as a point of reference towards the open space and emphasize the sculptural formulation of the solitary building.

Also the floor plans of the apartments, whether rented or freehanded, follow the course of the property surrounding the quiet and green, inner courtyard connecting the two-storey passage way with a path in the west of the courtyard.

The architectural design results in a grid-like façade structure from solid brick and presents a conceptual approach to the development. Within this grid, there is a second, slightly recessing, façade layer with large windows and loggias. The inner courtyard is plastered, thus creating a friendly atmosphere. Additionally, the yard is covered with various plants and trees. On the one hand, this concept supports the positive image; on the other hand, it protects from unwanted views and presents a high quality of the semi-public space.

The different apartment typologies correspond to the location and direction of the building. The rented flats are located in the south-west building wing. An underground car park is accessible for all units – residential and office – and can be reached via the street “Am Südbahnhof”.