New club building and sports center for Hannover 96/text


Location: Hanover
Competition: 2. Round 2015
Client: Hannoverscher Sportverein von 1896 e.V.

New club building and sports center for Hannover 96

The capital of Hanover tendered a workshop procedure in cooperation with the football club Hannover 96 aiming at realizing a new sports center and children movement space. Four participants were asked to design an overall concept for an attractive sports and health center with adjoining exterior space.

Our design positions the new construction along the northern property border thus completing the overall image. This idea derived from the close stadium, the sport association, and the swimming pool. By this design decision, the new sports center is thematically integrated into the surrounding and supports its presence.

Generally, the space is divided into three areas – a main building in the north with the outdoor sport and parking area connecting to it at the south west side. The building volume consists of three rectangular volumes each positioned in a 90 degree angle towards each other – resulting in a U-form with a protected inner courtyard.

The administration, sport and fitness spaces are located in the main building. The west wing inhabits the therapy space, children adventure and dance rooms. By stacking the respective areas, the circulation is easy and the building structure stays clear and practical.

The plinth forms the base of the building for the five upper floors with the façade changing from fiber cement sheets and a fully glazed entrance and gastronomy area to vertical glass elements and a symmetrical structure thus representing the transparent usage of the building.

The created inner courtyard invites to relax and forms the transition to the exterior sport area. It is structured by linear paths reflecting the colors of the club and creating a connection. The sport fields are organized on both sides of the path, completed by green areas and places for retreat. The entire space is surrounded by trees and presents the transition into the green environment near the river.

The parking lot is situated in the south-west and skillfully uses the remaining space. The entire complex forms an appropriate destination for the club by integrating the various usages under a new, modern roof.