Urban residential quarter – Pelikan II/text


Location: Hanover
Competition: 11 | 2017
Client: Gundlach GmbH & Co. KG
Landscape Architecture: nsp christoph schonhoff landschaftsarchitekten stadtplaner BDA

Urban residential quarter – Pelikan II

Urban Structure

By reinterpreting the dissolving urban block development a new address is created. “Pelikan II” – a quarter with appropriate gradation and scale as well as a special, respective identity. It stands in close dialogue with the qualities of the historic surrounding and the first urban residential quarter of the area: “Pelikan I”.

The constituting main elements for articulating “Pelikan II” are the elements of the traditionally mixed European city that keep the identifying structure and continue it. The idea of living together is encouraged by the urban setting – from public to private spaces, the various figurations are formulated with different atmospheres inside and outside.

As an equivalent to the building of an assurance and opposite to “Pelikan I”, the formulated main building presents the kick-off of the quarter in the north. It marks the immanent image of the new quarter and forms a public address next to the green area with an appropriate use of the ground floor.

Following the orthogonality of “Pelikan I”, another main building directed east on construction site 2 marks the end of the row of solitary buildings that significantly lead through the quarter. Construction sites 3 and 4 are developed from the urban block development continuing the motif of site 2 with a subtracting design method.

Two L-shaped building volumes embrace the central, well proportioned courtyard of the new quarter. By omitting the top floors, building heads are created resulting in a windmill-like image. On the one hand, they structure the volume along the street; on the other hand, they present insights and different perspectives as well as various outlooks from the upper cut-outs.  

The ensemble is complemented by another building head – also formulating the start of the quarter from the east. The resulting green space is directed to the former Pelikan factory and now dedicated to the children’s nursery. Two-storied passages allow for the internal access in east-west direction.

This clear, robust structure not only supports the idea of the quarter as a connecting community space, it also allows for the integration of other usages like small retail or trade shops and offices as well as a meeting point for the community. An ice-cream parlor, a café or a bakery and medical services are possible as well.

Free space

Developed from the urban and landscape context and within the interplay of the orthogonal and building structures, a creative and flexible free space concept is developed. It aims at creating an urban quarter on this site guaranteeing a high-quality atmosphere and respective identity.

The constructional and spatially clear concept is structured into public streets and spaces as well as semi-public areas, private gardens and nature. The street area as a meeting space reflects urban life, the central courtyard becomes the gathering place of the neighborhood.

Small garden areas are assigned to the ground floors towards the courtyard. Hedges, shrubs and bushes define the private and public spaces. The robust and various vegetation allows for an individual use of the future residents. Molded and colorful play areas offer children an adventurous space, at the same time strengthening the neighborhood.

The urban and landscape architecture considers and maintains the existing trees. The mixture of urban streets and private retreats offers a differentiated urban living and housing concept.