The Lenbach Quarter in Hanover/text


Location: Hanover
Competition: VOF-procedure 2012
Client: LIEMAK Immobilien GmbH/Klosterkammer Hannover
Construction Period: 2013–2015
Work Phases: 2–4
Gross Floor Area: 7.600 m²
Landscape Architect: nsp christoph schonhoff landschaftsarchitekten stadtplaner BDA

The Lenbach Quarter in Hanover

Close to the urban forest “Eilenriede“ and the city center of Hanover, a new family-friendly living quarter was realized until 2015. The design of the development of the 8,000 square meters area is sustainable and reactivated the unused area.

The 34 town houses were allocated by LIEMAK Ltd. as building lease in perpetuity. Corresponding to the concept of a cohere living quarter, the houses received a north-south orientation – thus contrasting to the neighbouring buildings which are directing east-west. Eight rows of houses were realized, positioning themselves around a center, four on either side.

A private path runs through the center connecting the houses. The path then ends in a fenced playground and community square at the south-east corner of the area designed with greens and plants providing shade as well as seating sensitively supporting the character of the quarter.

The design for the Lenbach Quarter was strongly influenced by the surrounding complexes of buildings. The windows of a neighboring housing row from the 1920s inspired the designers to open up the simplicity of the exterior walls by attaching colorful panels to the windows.

By using the light bricks, especially manufactured by Hebrok brickworks for this project, the colorful accents of the panels stand out and contrast very well. Green roofs complete the holistic urban approach to the living quarter.

The town houses of the Lenbach Quarter were built two floors high with an additional stacked storey resulting in a south facing roof terrace. The façade of the ground floor was set back in the entrance thus forming protected entrance areas.

Depending on the type of house, the differentiating numbers of rooms are organized from 140 square meters to 180 square meters. The exceptions form the four-storey houses on each corner of the quarter offering an additional work space on 272 square meters in total. These units enable the tenant to combine living in the upper floors and working in the lower floors.

Every house type is characterized by an open floor plan. Smooth transitions from the kitchen to the dining room and living space present an individual freedom to designing the home.

Floor to ceiling windows on the ground floor and towards the roof terrace let the daylight flood the rooms and also create a spacious atmosphere within the living areas.

In addition to the green community areas, each town house has a south oriented enclosed, private garden.