Residential building complex, Wasserstadt Limmer/text


Location: Hanover
Competition: 09 | 2017
Client: Wasserstadt Limmer Projektentwicklung GmbH
Work Phases: 1-5
Gross Floor Area: 4.200 m²
Landscape Architect: nsp christoph schonhoff landschaftsarchitekten stadtplaner BDA

Residential building complex on the waterfront in Hanover

Urban structure and architectural interpretation

The specified urban structure of the quarter “Wasserstadt Limmer“ with its prominent buildings on the corners of the northern waterside park will be brought to life by the architectural design. Within the urban context, the structure and accent of the façades react to the architectural setting, material and scale. A new urban space is created developing a special identity within the dialogue of the exterior space of the quarter. The building design seizes the determination of the development plan and specified design guidelines without any restrictions.

Building typology and floor plan

For the commissioned construction site (6+7), a floor plan with four apartments on each floor and a linear staircase is proposed. The staircases will obtain natural light from generous skylights. The 1,5- to 4-room apartments have loggias on the building corners (with some exceptions) thus allowing for daylight from two sides during the day. Additionally, it receives a special perception from the urban and landscape surrounding. The floor plan of each floor reacts to the façade concept. The bathrooms are located on the outer walls and allow for natural light and ventilation. Each apartment is freely accessible and – via the staircases of both buildings – connected to the underground car park.

Material and surface of the façade

All building sides receive a brick façade. They are structured by differently wide window and loggia openings while the height of the openings in generally fixed in order to obtain a calm design principle. The topic of the façades describes the transition from private living to public space. A metal construction was developed as a fall protection for the loggias – its transparency increases from the bottom to the top. While the lower parts do not offer any views and therefore allow for privacy, the views through the upper parts of the balustrade offer a direct link to the exterior space.

Outdoor area

Developed from the specified urban context and in the interplay within the building structure, an outdoor area is created that has special offers and exciting spaces. Here, the concept aims at creating a quarter that – through architecture and outdoor design – has its own identity and high quality atmosphere. The clear concept is structured into public spaces, private yards and gardens plus the transition into nature.