Housing in Southern Hanover/Altenbekener Damm/text


Location: Hanover
Competition: 3. Prize 2013
Client: Gundlach GmbH & Co. KG

Housing in Southern Hanover/Altenbekener Damm

Close to the lake “Maschsee“ in the south of Hanover, a former playground and commercial area had to be redesigned. It was foreseen to develop condominiums in multi-floor apartment buildings that revaluate the quarter and attractively offer a space for various types of housing.

Within the invitation competition, where we made the third place, our concept envisioned two rectangular structures with four floors each. It takes on the existing urban development continuing it in order to recreate the density and urbanity thus resulting in a modern residential architecture that fits into its surrounding. Between the urban block development structure of the southern part of the city of Hanover and the solitary buildings near the lake, the residential buildings are positioned within a green topography and form a special character for the quarter. The green space is intertwined with the building volumes revaluating the urban and architectural structure.

Inspired by the surrounding cityscape, the façade is covered with brick. Along the four floors it presents different settlements and shades. That way, it frees itself from the perceptions of the neighboring images.

The freely arranged building volumes have a small playground and a public square. The southern building forms a border towards the street and the traffic thus generating privacy. It would also be possible to add commercial usages here, e.g.  a café or a bakery.

Furthermore, the exterior space is sensitively developed. A plateau offers various usages achieving an overall high quality atmosphere. A generous garden is located between both buildings and can be used as communication or meeting space. It is divided into different areas – here, also private gardens are planned for the northern building.

The building entrances are oriented towards the street presenting generous foyers. Small house communities of eight apartments in each building are organized with two apartments on each floor. The staircases have elevators and direct access to the underground car park.

In the south wing, the bedrooms are directed towards the gardens, the apartments in the northern building are facing towards the front and the back, thus are “stuck through”. Though, the apartments are mainly oriented south, thus ensuring high-quality living. Every apartment is clearly structured and well proportioned. In the third floor, two apartments can be joined into a penthouse. In general, this residential project addresses different requirements and interests.