House G/text


Location: Hanover
Client: private
Construction Period: 2002–2004

Work Phases: 1–9
Gross Floor Area: 320 m²

House G

The building design of the single-family house orientates itself towards the property borders on the one hand; on the other hand it expresses the desire for a clear and reduced form language. The two-storey solitary building has the layout of a parallelogram. A stacked floor with the same layout – but twisted towards its substructure – forms the top. The “silver skin” of the house strengthens the monolithic appearance and clearly marks an exciting interplay of the various colorations of light on the façade.

The freely designed exterior space and the homogenous volume interact between width and depth – the building is perceptible differently depending on the point of view. Large window openings define the façade of the eastern, southern and western side; whereas the northern façade seems rather shut.

The home is parted into two units – one for office use that is directed towards the street, another for residential use and oriented towards the garden. It forms a functional approach towards uniting living and working in the same building. The color scheme works with contrasts: inside, each floor has single color accents that let the building appear special in the different areas. At night, the house turns inside out, the proportions shift and the building gleams into the dark.