House F/text


Client: private
Construction Period: 2008–2009
Work Phases: 1–9
Gross Floor Area: 278 m²

House F in H

The residential area is mainly influenced by fenced properties with high walls, hiding the single family houses from unwanted views.

The concept for the new construction of House F takes on this image and reinterprets it: property wall and house wall become one. The resulting wall – as wide as the property – spans across the garden, as well as living space. The ground floor transitions between base, wall and garden.

The organization of the exterior is parallel to the street – street space, semi-public yard, building volume, terrace, private garden and plants are conceived as layers, with transitions that range from strict to flowing.

From the street, the ground floor appears as a brick base and therefore follows – in form and function – the omnipresent wish for privacy. The perspective from the garden shows a very different picture: the living space opens itself towards the terrace and garden on the entire width of the house.

The top floor is situated on the brick as a wood-covered cube, being interpreted as a staggered floor.