An apartment building in Hanover/ Seelhorsterstrasse/text


Location: Hanover
Competition: 2. Prize 2015
Client: Leinekontor GmbH & Co. KG

An apartment building in Hanover/ Seelhorsterstrasse

Within the competition for the new construction of an apartment building in Hanover (in the zoo quarter) we received the second prize. The competition was aiming at constructing a residential building at the crossroad of Seelhorsterstrasse and Zeppelinstrasse prominently located between the zoo, the city forest and the convention center.

Our design envisioned a solitary villa building taking on the identity of the site from the late 19th century giving a sustainable and shaping character to the volume. The building is directed towards the south-west thus flooding the apartments with daylight. The street edges are adopted from the simple cube thus presenting an open and generous volume. In particular the hipped roof and calm radiance emphasizes the classical architectural language. Completed by a limestone façade, the volume receives a friendly and light appearance. The building is fenced and surrounded by a green hedge integrating the house into the existing green space with trees. Round seating possibilities offer residents a place for retreat and relaxation.

Situated in front of the building, yet recessed, the central entrance leads into the generous foyer. Here, the building opens towards the three floors and the underground car park. Each floor has two differently spaced apartments. In the ground floor, they provide a private garden with a terrace, the upper floors have loggias. The three meter high ceilings and large windows generate an open and bright atmosphere. Being continued inside, the main concept of a clear architectural language achieves a comfortable ambience within the apartments in one of the most prominent quarters of the city.