A study in Göttingen/Windausweg/text


Location: Göttingen
Competition: 4. Prize 2007
Client: City of Göttingen

A study in Göttingen/Windausweg

In Göttingen on the former (now cleared) area of the Institute for Forensic Medicine, a new residential quarter is planned. The basis has been created by a previous peer review evaluation process.

Within this process we designed a cluster of urban villas whose strong cubage is surrounded by a park-like landscape resulting in differentiated outdoor areas. The building topology has been conceived following the design of the surrounding. Overall, the four floors are topped with a stacked floor. Taking on the height of the neighboring building a common theme is reached. Altogether, it is a modern residential quarter with a high-quality atmosphere.

The cluster-like concept aims at achieving the greatest possible flexibility for the floor plan of the villas. The flexible urban grid easily allows for an extension towards the west without losing the spatial qualities. In this way, different sizes of apartments can be realized functioning for various requirements. The volumes are organized with two to three apartments on each floor offering spaces from 50 to 135 square meters. Generous loggias extend each unit by a private free space. The different modules of the floor plans allow for an individually adjusted concept. The façades reflect the changing interior and emphasize the uniqueness within the canon of the cluster. The color concept of the façades is limited to the colors white, grey and anthracite; therefore, the loggias present a contrast in red, orange and violet shades – complementary to the green space. Intensively integrating the surrounding, the paths connect the quarter and the open areas of the surrounding close to the city center. A free space is located in the center of the cluster that invites children to play and residents to relax in the green surrounding.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” Christian von Ehrenfels