Wellness Resort Wyk on Föhr/text


Location: Wyk
Client: Resort Südstrand Föhr GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin

Wellness Resort Wyk on Föhr

Within the tourism concept a new hotel is planned at the southern beach of the German island Föhr. The focus is set on a high quality development for a cross-generational target group. The hotel will be characterized by spa activities and a pool with direct access to the beach, a beach bar and a gastronomic offer.

Our design foresees a building ensemble that groups around a green central exterior space. The orthogonality of the surrounding is integrated into the structure respecting the valuable tree population. The entrance of the property leads across the north-western corner and offers the arriving visitors a representative welcome. The three-to-four-floor building spreads in front of the visitors forming a welcoming gesture. The hotel complex is positioned at the south-west property edge and opens up angularly towards the dunes, the beach and the sea. The existing former coach house and property wall are kept forming the boundary to the sea. By integrating two separate apartment buildings, the ensemble represents the transition to the surrounding residential area, yet at the same time, emphasizes their belonging to the hotel. The uniform design of the façades follows the friendly, bright and Frisian impression with its white water-struck brick, wooden windows and coated panels.

In contrast to the linear building, the exterior space is organized and greened like a park. Starting at the central property area, the design follows the vegetation of the transition from the land into the sea. Overall, the hotel has 138 twin rooms, twelve suites and nine junior suites organized across three upper floors. All rooms with a view towards the sea have a loggia, roof terrace or balcony; the rooms on the sides of the building or at the back are available with and without a private open space. The apartment buildings have apartments each offering the view to the sea and have a balcony or roof terrace.