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Location: Hanover
Work Phases: 2–9
Gross Floor Area: 920 m²

Hotel Bischofshol

In 2000 we completed the modernization of the Hotel Bischofshol that is located in the city forest “Eilenriede” in Hanover. With its restaurant it presents a popular destination for hikers. The painted window shutters make a modern, playful and fresh impression.

The new three-storey extension connects to the existing hotel; a glazed joint separates both buildings. An inner courtyard can be reached from both buildings as well as from the restaurant.

The 30 new rooms are directed east towards the city forest. The interior was chosen according to the existing three-star-category.

Besides the extension, the existing hotel rooms, the restaurant and the reception were modernized as well. Furthermore, the entire exterior area was reconstructed.