Former area of the public bath in Göttingen/text


Location: Göttingen
Competition: Workshop 2006
Client: City of Göttingen

Former area of the public bath in Göttingen

The city of Göttingen planned to reuse the area of the former public bath along the river “Leine”. The property forms a gap within the cityscape and has a negative influence on the old part of town.

The fallow land is used as a parking lot, thus the potential of the attractive, central canal is not fully used and cannot transfer its qualities into the city.

The set guiding principles “Leitbild 2020” are aiming at preparing the city for future developments and eliminating any disturbances within the image of the city center. Overall, it is planned to enhance the cityscape and strengthen the development.

During a workshop, new ideas and concepts were presented and discussed in order to find solutions for the fallow plot. The goal is to activate the site, add a modern usage that appropriately supplements the structure of the city and thereby makes use of the potential of the river.