School Elisabethschule in Friesoythe/text


Location: Friesoythe
Competition: 06 | 2018
Client: City of Oldenburg

School Elisabethschule in Friesoythe

The school „Elisabethschule“ was required to be of high quality from every angle – with regard to function, economy, design, and ecology. The old and the new are now connected – the interior and exterior as well as the outdoor space follow the current demands and types of learning, thus, expressing its aesthetic design and the basic idea of the content-based concept.

The urban position – freshly thought

With the planned extension of the school evolving into a modern and appropriate learning center it confidently inserts itself into the urban context. Within the design concept, newly defined edges mark the public space along the northern part, at the same time connecting the sidewalk and parking space to the existing gym. The architectural, urban posture thus forms the design strategy for the development of a holistic concept with a respective identity. A school –freshly thought – that is understood as an all-day place of living and learning.

Extension and existing buildings

The design expressively refers to the overall ensemble of the school – the new annex formulates the continuance in the best sense: structures, typologies, and qualities of the existing ensemble are analyzed and inserted into the building masses within a consequent distribution. Necessary interventions and partially conversions in the old building are planned in order to translate the objective of a modern ensemble.

Schoolyard and entrance – be visible!

The area of the new school is accessible via the kiss-and-go-area in front of the complex. This forecourt is separated from the public space by a building structure of gates and storage rooms, thus, guaranteeing the most possible security when arriving and leaving the school property. Circular islands with wooden seats, a green center and newly planted trees pose a high quality atmosphere at the same time offering a waiting zone for the pupils. The clear structure and direct connection to the main entrance ensure a smooth passing of the traffic when picking up children from school. The waiting area for mini busses at the street prevents a traffic jam on the school area. The forecourt becomes the connecting element and a central arrival zone for the pupils.

Schoolyard and exterior space

By developing a high quality outdoor area and inspiring learning place north and east of the new school building, a play and learn area opens up, sensitively inserting itself into the existing structure. Framed by valuable trees, an exciting sequence of spaces is created that presents various play, sport and retreat areas, also realized in different materials thus haptically following the chosen differentiation.