New construction of a canteen, Hannover-Misburg/text


Location: Hanover-Misburg
Competition: 2. Prize 2015
Client: City of Hanover

New construction of a canteen for the school center in the Hanoverian quarter Misburg

We won the second prize for our design that is aiming at constructing a canteen providing a central place to go for lunch. Four schools within the school center in the quarter Misburg surround the new construction that is planned to function as an event space as well.

The school center in the east of the city is shaped by buildings from the 50s and 70s. The designed canteen building is positioned within the existing park and forms a solitary building. The pavilion blends into the tree population of the surrounding and appears friendly and welcoming with its light, reflecting skin.

The open structure offers various possibilities of use. Therefore, the canteen can flexibly be used as an event space – at the same time representing the identity of the schools.

The original paths were reconstructed in order to shorten the distances for the pupils of the different schools. This measure creates new, differentiated areas like the forecourt of the canteen offering a terrace and a teacher’s garden.

The canteen is directed towards the green space, the foyer presents the daily communication area. The building shell consists of metal that creates a special appearance but also protects from the sun and other weather conditions. The delicate mesh structure of the surface lets the light flood in and paints varying patterns onto the floor.