High School “Luisen Gymnasium“ in Hamburg/text


Location: Hamburg-Bergedorf
Competition: 1. Prize 2014
Client: Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg
Construction Period: from 2017
Work Phases: 1–9
Gross Floor Area: 2.200 m²

High School “Luisen Gymnasium“ in Hamburg

The high school, a full-time school with 900 pupils, will be extended by a new construction of 1,835 square meters. We won the realization competition for this project in 2014.

Until 2019 a square construction will be realized on the area surrounded by buildings under preservation order taking on the status of a solitary building. The three-storey building has a clearly defined structure picking up the elements and material of the neighboring façades and conceptually continuing it.

A public square in front of the building is newly designed and offers room for various usages. It is planned as a shared space also usable as parking lot, communication area and green space. Additionally, it provides a direct link towards the forest.

The ground floor is dominated by the foyer, canteen, library, and common rooms. The two upper floors contain the class and music rooms. They are accessible via the central staircase and offer various views into the green surrounding. Much light ensures a comfortable learning atmosphere. The entire building is barrier-free and accessible; an elevator provides access to the upper floors. The roof of the new building is realized as a green roof also linking it to the surrounding.