Center for Education and Health in Laatzen/text


Location: Hanover, Laatzen
Competition: 2010, Acknowledgement
Client: City ofLaatzen

Center for Education and Health in Laatzen

Within the urban restoration measure for the center of the city Laatzen, the market square is the location for the new Center for Education and Health. The building concept foresees to include the urban environment and to integrate two construction sites in the surrounding of the market square.

The market square itself is bordered by the town hall and multi-floor apartment buildings; neither does it define an open space nor does it present any urban orientation. Our concept develops a multilayered design strategy for the center and its close surroundings.

The Education and Health Center will be integrated into a “Green House” occupying the space as a solitaire and at the same time structuring the market square. The “Green House” is a garden and presents a contrast to the existing urban cityscape. Lushly greened pergolas with a lively play of light and shadow create a special atmosphere that invites to sojourn and relax. At the same time, it strengthens its surrounding with an individual identity. The room schedule is organized in a simple and functional volume, built in conventional solid construction. Like that, it forms a proper base for a sustainably, ecologically oriented building.

In a second development stage, the house will be completed by a media center and a library. The third stage includes the construction of an eight storey building parallel to the street, thus formulating clear edges. In the ground floor, the market square will be revitalized by shops and gastronomic offers, the upper floors provide apartments.