A Children’s House in Hanover/text


Location: Langenhagen, Hanover
Client: City of Langenhagen

A Children’s House in Hanover

A competition was tendered for a new nursery in the north of Hanover (Langenhagen-Kaltenweide) asking for a design providing room for 80 children. Additionally, the building should also be used by the adjoining day-care center and primary school allowing for a flexible use of space. Therefore, a multi-functional floor plan had to be designed in regard to fair requirements for each age group. The designated plot of land has 1,600 square meters and can be built on in consideration of 960 square meters of play area.

Based on this information, we designed a rectangular structure that is shifted and parallel towards itself on the almost triangular area optimally taking advantage of the property shape. By positioning the building at the south-west border the space is organized into exciting areas forming a differentiated exterior space. At the same time, the desire of the client to keep the tree population is fulfilled as well.

The façade revives the motif of the rural barn architecture. By using clay brick for the gable roof and gable walls the volume receives an impression of simple robustness further enhanced by the natural materials.

Besides the group rooms for the children, the building provides a foyer creating a generous entrance situation, a café, a movement space and rooms for the staff and homework. An elevator provides access to the second floor.

Within the building, easy to follow paths facilitate the orientation. Much light and various views into the green exterior emphasize the friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

While planning the nursery, only environmentally friendly materials were considered for use.