Pavilion “Human“ at the Expo 2000/text


Location: Hanover
Competition: 1.Prize 2000
Client: Expo 2000 GmbH
Construction Period: 2000
Work Phases: 1–9

Pavilion “Human“ at the Expo 2000

In 1998 and as part of the topic “Human – Nature – Technology” the entire scenography of the exhibition “Human” was developed in a close cooperation of an interdisciplinary team of architects, scientists, designers and creative minds from the theater.

The scientific exhibition concept was delivered by the German Hygiene Museum (Deutsches Hygiene Museum) in Dresden. Different (sociological, social, scientific, medical) aspects of “being human” were brought into the exhibition as individual modules. Everyday objects and experiences served as scenographic design elements.

A stranded ship formulates the starting point of the exhibition – as a metaphoric image for freedom, failure and hope the image falls apart when entering the scene and the setting exposes itself as what it really is – a plywood construction. Slipping out of the cargo space various steel cubes as carrier modules for knowledge, visions, and the (new) world erupt onto the ground.