New entrance and shop of the Adventure Zoo Hanover/text


Location: Hanover
Competition: 2. Prize 2015
Client: Zoo Hannover GmbH

Competition for the new entrance and shop of the Adventure Zoo Hanover

The new and symbolic entrance of the zoological garden – a white floating roof between heaven and earth – easily leads the visitors to an authentic journey through the zoo. Right from the beginning, the visitors are emotionally and playfully carried off into foreign worlds.

Framed by the urban zoo quarter (period of the late 19th century) and the deciduous forest “Eilenriede” (one of largest city forests in Europe) the zoo is located close to the city center.

The idea of the floating roof derived from the surrounding: moving between the trees in a park-like atmosphere and into the zoo, finding a friendly guide leading towards the entrance with its elementary functions for the visitors – a floating roof as a new address in a close dialogue with nature. Therefore, the trees will be sensitively incorporated into the building structure. Individual trees will cut through the roof and emphasize the symbiosis between nature and the built surrounding.

The building shape results from the different directions of arrival: whether by foot, bike, car, or public transport the new floating roof is the central arrival point that concentrates the entire functions within the two buildings. Naturally, it offers an easy orientation and an unobstructed view into Sambesi II creating curiosity for the adventures to come.

Starting point for the ensemble is the roof edge towards the intersection – the entrance of the zoo forms a special accent – the guests are welcomed and will be directed towards the entrance. With the café as a central meeting point for the zoo the western building accommodates the counters and ticket offices – easily accessible.

The shop area is planned to be located in the eastern building. The second roof edge is directed towards the parking lot – the visitors will be guided within short distances –with the newly designed forecourt as their first impression.