Church Jakobi /text


Location: Hanover
Competition: 2. Prize 2011
Client: Ev.-luth. Jakobi-Kirchengemeinde Hannover

Church Jakobi

The church “Jakobi“ with its medieval tower and late baroque nave is located in the quarter of Kirchrode in the south of Hanover and is framed by an ensemble of new constructions. The existing community hall on the associated property will be replaced by a smaller building. Within the competition with seven participants, we gained the second prize for our design.

The church in the center of the scenery forms both the symbolic and actual point of reference for the surrounding buildings. They are arranged in different angles towards the church creating a tension within the spatial localization and make this ensemble a special place. The entrance of the new community center is directed towards the church. In combination with the rectory that is under preservation order, the buildings form an ensemble like a sculptural element connected by the new construction.

Slender paths interconnect the volumes leading through the park-like landscape shaping the new green center. The new community hall follows this main idea – an atrium. A center is surrounded by satellites – the usages group around a center.

The design for the new construction is directed by the inner structure, the shell follows the various usages. A façade from clear, calm brick and floor to ceiling windows in the main rooms generate a dynamic form.

The concept of the building design creates a new connection between the interior and the exterior. Differentiated insights and outlooks generate these connections, visually embedding the new volume into the surrounding.

The floor plan also follows the concept of the atrium with the foyer presenting the entrance situation and admitting natural light. Directly adjoining, visitors reach the rooms of the church council as well as meeting rooms. The church hall is directed south-west, to the garden. At this point, the roof rises up to 4,70 meters making the space open and bright. Offices, storage, and additional rooms adjoin and dominate the south-east side of the building. The library is located in the undisturbed south-east corner. The community hall unites flexible options of use containing the reference towards the surrounding and keeping an eye on the ensemble image.