Christmas design at Kröpcke/text


Location: Hanover
Competition: 2011

Client: City of Hanover

Christmas design at Kröpcke

During Christmas time festive anticipation, long evenings and Christmas markets define the season. In order to present a unique feature for the city center of Hanover and form a gentle transition to the old town and its Christmas markets, a special feature was planned for the central place in town – the Kröpcke.

We created a volume that proudly presents itself towards the central train station; developed as an advent calendar with 24 doors displaying different pictures during day and night, it lights up the surrounding area on dark evenings and attracts visitors coming from the train station while emphasizing the direct axis between both constructions.

Another attraction is the sales area in the ground floor, offering meals and drinks, completed by a terrace on the second floor. At the same time, the terrace offers a viewpoint and local reference to the old town.

Alternatively, the volume can also be used all year around and function as a stage or open air cinema. Yet, during Christmas time it is the guiding star that highlights the site, being light object, meeting place and starting point towards the old town – a light house in the heart of Hanover.