Bitburg text EN

Auslober: Stadt Bitburg
Standort: Bitburg
Wettbewerb: 05 | 2021
Landschaftsarchitektur: nsp christoph schonhoff landschaftsarchitekten stadtplaner BDA

Disaster control center Bitburg                                                          

High Point, house & hall describe the parameters for the new disaster control center Bitburg - the form follows the program in function and aesthetics.

The new house shines with signalisation and luminosity - the dynamism and diversity of the Bitburg volunteer fire brigade is translated into a "moving" facade.

A two-storey block picks up the rhythm of the solitaires coming from the south along the street and is positioned in the same way in the depths of the property. The setting follows the strategy of spatially separating the areas of arrival and alarm - in close connection with the inner functional areas, clearly separated outdoor spaces are created, which are used in different ways.

The 15m high exercise tower is visible from afar and forms an address, marking the new disaster control center. The exercise tower with exercise yard and covered area, as well as company apartments and carport are arranged in the northern part of the property - the embedding in a newly created, designed green space ensures a high quality of stay.

The southern part of the property is reserved for the event of an alarm and is designed as an alarm courtyard - markings structure the length and ensure that everything runs smoothly. The free space here connects directly to the vehicle hall over almost the full width of the building and ensures the emergency exit without crossing.

The entire disaster control center sits like a passe-partout in the property - a green frame lines the borders and creates privacy on the one hand and concentration on the other.