Design of a fair stand at Domotex 2015/ text


Location: Hanover
Competition: 2014
Client: Messe DOMOTEX

Design of a fair stand at Domotex 2015

Innovations are unexpected and extraordinary. Whoever wants to discover them has to hit the road and enter unknown paths. In distant places, innovations and stories are waiting to be detected. The journey itself, the actual path is the goal.

Innovations can be discovered at the annual Domotex in Hanover, the world’s leading trade fair for flooring. In 2015, a competition was held to find a design for the special area of product innovations.

The basic idea of the concept “Discover New” actually is discovering the space. The design proposes an alternative path through the fair space that connects the three special areas like a carpet. Thereby, the exhibition becomes an unusual, experimental landscape where discovering the innovations is an exciting, interactive adventure.

When designing the fair stand, we got inspired by natural images, by places that stand for exoticism and adventure. In combination with the design elements that create a visual connection between the exhibition space the adaption of these images forms a varied, exploratory path.

In hall 6, the far eastern rice terraces served as inspiration for the design. A tribune with seats is organized in a slight wave along a half circle emphasizing the stage in its middle. Upon stage, the “Innovations@Domotex” talks find an appropriate place. The exhibition space with various displays is located underneath the tribune. There, product innovations can be presented with relevant information.

Another highlight waits in hall 9 – visitors find themselves in a canyon. Vertical axis create an impression of height. The innovations are attached to the walls and can be discovered while wandering through the canyon. Within the walls, passages lead towards separate exhibition cabinets displaying relevant information concerning the product.

The desert of central Asia marks the prominent floor relief that arises when the soil dries out – creating fascinating patterns. This natural image inspired us for the ornament in hall 17 covering half of the walls. Every element of the ornament is a display for a handmade carpet.

As the motifs are interwoven into the carpet for thousands of years, our design concept links the three exhibition spaces of the Domotex. Emotional landscapes generate experimental spaces and the ideal framework for a perfect presentation of innovations. The concept creates a prominent image that bears in mind and is easily recognizable – establishing Domotex as a perceptible brand within the fair.